ZILARGIA Association and City of Ascain (64 - Pyrenees Atlantiques) are organizing a photography festival in Ascain, which aims to become a flagship event of Photography in the Basque Country in France and Europe.

The festival will run from Friday, June 19 to August 14, 2015.
Festival organizers have decided that the addressed theme this year will be:


This year the festival has chosen Gabriel Martinez as guest of honor with his series "Sala de Espera", composed of thirty photo prints on the exodus of Portuguese in the 1970s and their passage to the border post to the station Hendaye (more information www.atlantica.fr/livre/10276).

ZILARGIA Association launches a call for applications to exhibit works of twenty photographers.
The requirements to participate in this call for applications are:

to have more than 18 years March 31, 2015
to be the author of the proposed photographs
to have the written agreement of the people in the pictures, if applicable
to be responding to the theme with an artistic vision and how pertinante

  • to complete the application form
to provide files according to mentioned technical prerequisites (see further)
to assign the rights of the pictures selected for 2 years for the purposes of communication of the festival.

The photos will be exhibited in the streets of the village, as printed canvas and prints pasted on the walls and/or on the panels. Photographers can showcase up to 5 prints in shops of the village.



ZILARGIA is an association that aims to create and organize events and exhibitions or other events to raise awareness and provide mediation by the visual arts; establish a supportive network for its members and encourage the performance of its members and their projects through mutual aid and cultural exchanges.
 The association is at the initiative of Festive Ascain and wishes to participate in the cultural development of the village, to improve the living environment of azkaindar and leisure travelers.


ASCAIN charming floral village at the foot of Rhune is located 7 km from the edge of the sea.
It is in the heart of the "Pays de Saint Jean de Luz" and is network party of "Stations Vertes de Vacances'.
Its cultural heritage, invites the traveler to come to relax and visit the nooks and crannies of the village, admiring the houses whose facades have kept their charm.
"The Festives are an opportunity to bring culture into the village and offer it to all” :

In letting the works out of galleries and presenting them to all
By making the village itself an exhibition
By bringing photos to meet locals and visitors
By focusing on large formats to create a visual surprise
Giving walkers want to know more about the artists and their work "

Collectif IMAGINeART is the festival technician, responsible for the realization of all communication media, website www.festives.net, set design, editing will be presented to visitors, the projection fence, as well as the realization of a making-of festive.



The call for applications will be closed Sunday, March 28, 2015 at midnight.
Projects will be assessed in terms of their quality and artistic relevance.
Collective projects are accepted.


The work of photographers will be selected by a jury.
The decision of the selection committee will be final and binding.
Selected candidates will be notified only by email the first week of April 2015.




The call for entries is open to all photographers, professional or amateur.




The registration fee for the application is 15 €.

You can pay : 
- By check payable to ASSOCIATION ZILARGIA, sent before March 1, 2015, mentioning your name to Zilargia Association, 15 Church Square, 64310 Ascain
- Either via PayPal to the following address : zilargia@live.fr



The ZILARGIA Association supports printing on canvas ONE photograph or drawing to be pasted on the walls and on panels.
If you do not want your picture to be printed on canvas you will need to check the box in the application form.
During the evening fence festival, canvas exposed will be sold at auction.
50% of the sale price will revert to the author of the sold photography.
Each photographer may expose up to 5 prints at a village traders, these prints and finishes will be the responsibility of the photographer. The prints will be sold directly by the photographer.


Applications should be sent only  by www.wetransfer.com to festives.ascain@gmail.com

Deadline for applications: Sunday, March 28, 2015 at midnight.


In the end and only after deliberation by the jury, photographers selected to participate in the exhibition will be members of the association.




Applicants must send by www.wetransfer.com to festives.ascain@gmail.com

a folder, ZIP preferably comprising the following documents:

The online application form
The High Definition file from THE photography you want to expose in the street in TIFF or JPEG-RGB-300DPI and 3500 pixels for the widest edge
JPEG-RGB-5 72DPI photographs and 1200 pixels for the widest edge
A biography of the author, and photographs of his career (exhibitions / publications) from 1000 to 1500 characters maximum, numeric .RTF or .DOC
A CV in digital format PDF, RTF or DOC
An introductory text on the series presented in digital format .RTF or .DOC
The image files must have a title of the form : first initial-name-numéro.jpg (eg for Jean Duran: j-duran-1.jpg)
Perform a € 15 entry fee by check or online www.festives.net

Application form

Veuillez entrer le code:

Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.

Document Adobe Acrobat 127.5 KB

To validate your registration, thank for pay 15 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>